A Breaking Metrics Newsletter

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The newsletter is a summary of my trading and investment notes; they’re my observations of macro and micro economic trends.

It’s not meant to be an investment guide for your personal finances. I don’t know what your risk tolerances or time horizons are.

We also look into economic indicators, public policy, politics, and war.

  • How do they impact price action?
    • Where are Lower and Higher Time Frames headed?
  • What are general sentiments?
    • How does market consensus and the macro-environment impact money movement?
  • How are markets generally impacted?
    • How are crypto assets and stocks effected?

These notes are meant to identify trends that you can use to measure risk.

Nothing I publish is financial advice. Everything published on The Rebel Economist or Breaking Metrics are exclusively *my* observations of the market and macro economics; they should not be misconstrued as suggestions or advice for investing or trading. I will never tell subscribers specifically what or when to buy. I offer tools and educational information to help you do your own research.

What is The Rebel Economist?

The Rebel Economist is the newsletter and podcast of www.BreakingMetrics.com

It’s a forum that aims to break the barriers of conventional wisdom surrounding modern economics. This platform encourages readers to think differently about the metrics behind money movement and serves as an educational tool for finding patterns and anomalies in data.

The Rebel Economist and Breaking Metrics are neither Left nor Right leaning – instead, we understand one thing is very clear:

There is no such thing as free lunch.

A civil engineer by trade, Roy has been reading and analyzing charts for over a decade and holds a Master’s Degree in International Economics and a Master’s in Civil Engineering as well.